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28-01-2014 Updated pictures of my Aquarium
14-01-2013 Added 2 presentations to the Presentations section!
03-07-2012 Added brand new Listening section!
03-07-2012 Added program "The Neutralizer" to the Programming section
30-05-2012 Added powerpoint file of my presentation at
the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Theoretische Biologie (NVTB)
07-05-2012 Updated pictures of my Aquarium
21-11-2011 Added powerpoint of my presentation at the
COCON lunchmeeting and updated the Aquarium section
added a youtube link of my aquarium!
29-09-2011 Updated information and pictures in the Aquarium section
24-08-2011Added the final version of my Introductory Essay
30-07-2011Added SSI to the HTML code of this site
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29-07-2011 The site is online!

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