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Artists Averages & Trends

Average Listening and Trends

Running average of plays per week

Clearly, there appears to be a trend of an increase towards 2009, and a more recent decrease. Although since 2010 I also scrobble tracks from my iPod, apparently I have overall started to listen to less songs.

Plays per month

This figure might be a bit messy, but in general there appears to be a low in summer (vacation), and a high in october

Plays per week

In essence, this is the raw data from the figure on the Listening page, but with the different years separated. It is clear that there is a lot of noize in the data (although few weeks are missing)

If we now calculate the average plays per week, including the standard deviation, we might learn a bit more:

As with the moving average, we see here as well that the average plays per week increase towards 2009, and then start decreasing again

Plays per day

Plays per day, corrected for the different length of each month. This graph shows nicely how for every month my listening behaviour changes, with a dip in July (7), and a peak in January (1) and Octobre (10)

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